What’s the Word?

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This β€˜asking questions’ game will help students practice asking questions using a variety of question words. Students ask questions to their partner to elicit as many words from their worksheet as possible. See the full description for more detail.

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Divide the students into pairs, giving each student a half of the worksheet. Show students how the game works by writing a word on the board and getting the students to ask a question that elicits the word.

Next, tell the students they will each have ten minutes to ask questions. Give the students some time to go through the words on their sheet and think of possible questions. Then, start the ten-minute timer.

Student A then asks questions to their partner to elicit as many words from their worksheet as they can.Β When Student B says a word from the worksheet, Student A puts a tick next to that word.

However, if Student B cannot guess the word after a few questions, Student A should put a cross next to the word and move on.Β When the ten minutes are up, students swap roles. Student B then asks questions of Student A for ten minutes.

When everyone has finished, the pairs add up their points. The pair with the highest combined score wins the game.Β Time permitting, finish up by going through some of the students’ questions, clearing up any difficulties they may have encountered.