Shop Return Role-Play

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In this fun group activity, students role-play shop complaints, while their classmates try to guess where they are and which product they are complaining about. See the full description for more details.

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Divide each group of four into two pairs, giving each pair a corresponding worksheet. The worksheet shows products they purchased yesterday. But there is a problem with each product. They have to return each product and complain to the shop.

The students role-play complaints about the products on their worksheet, but they are not allowed say which shop they are at, nor what the product is.

If necessary, review some phrases which one might use in either making, or handling a complaint at a shop, for example:

β€œHello. I’d like to complain about a product I purchased here yesterday.”
β€œYes. What seems to be the problem.”
β€œThe zipper doesn’t work.”

One pair starts, choosing a product from their worksheet and role-playing their complaint. One student plays the part of the customer, while the other takes the role of the shop assistant. The customer makes a complaint to the shop assistant about the product they purchased and tries to get an exchange or refund.

The customer must do this without saying what the product is or where they bought it. The other pair listens and looks at a set of shop pictures. Their task is to work out which shop they are in and which product the complaint refers to.

When the role-play is finished, the other pair gives their answers and the first pair tells them if they are correct. Pairs score one point for guessing the correct shop and two points if they correctly guessed the product in question. The pairs then swap roles.

Once all the role-plays have been completed, the pair with the highest score is the winner.