Half and Half – Past Perfect Writing Activity

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Here’s an entertaining two-part past perfect activity. Students first complete, then match sentences written in the past perfect tense. See the full description below for more details.

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In this two-part past perfect activity, students first complete, then match sentences written in the past perfect tense. This activity is designed for students working in pairs. As such, it is ideal as an online breakout room activity.


Start by dividing students into pairs and giving them the two halves of worksheet 1 only.

Working alone at first, students read the sentences and try to complete them using their own ideas. Allow up to 20 minutes for this task. When everyone has finished, pairs read their completed sentences to each other.

Next, give each student a half of worksheet 2.

Student A reads aloud the first sentence half on their worksheet. Student B then tries to find the other half of the sentence on their worksheet. When Student B believes they have found an appropriate ending for the sentence, they read it aloud. Once the pair agree that the two sentence halves are a match, they write down its corresponding letter/number on their worksheet.

When everyone has finished, go through the answers as a class, also asking students for examples of completed sentences they wrote on worksheet 1.