Describe the last time you felt…

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Here’s a fun adjectives of feeling and emotion speaking activity. Students practice advanced adjectives, by speaking for one minute on a given emotion. See the full description below for more details.

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In this adjectives of feeling and emotion speaking activity, students practice using advanced adjectives by speaking for one minute about the last time they felt a certain emotion.


Divide students into groups of three, giving each group a copy of the emotion cards. Students shuffle the cards and place them face down in a stack on the table.

Students then take it in turns to pick up a card and read the emotion on the card. They must then talk for one minute, describing the last time they felt this emotion, starting β€œThe last time I felt…”

The other members of the group listen and ask follow-up questions, once the student has finished speaking. It is then the next student’s turn.Β Students repeat the process for several rounds. At the end of the session, discuss the students’ answers as a class, providing feedback.


For less advanced students, some of the cards have an emoji, which may help them work out what the word means.Β If necessary, allow students to ask you for clarification on the word’s meaning. This may be necessary for some of the advanced adjectives, such as bewildered, agitated and elated.