Compound Adjectives – Interactive Worksheet

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Here is an engaging interactive worksheet for getting students to practice compound adjectives by dragging words together in the correct order. See the full description below for more details.

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This is an Interactive ESL Worksheet in PowerPoint format for level A1 and A2 students to practice compound adjectives.

In this informative interactive worksheet, students must practice compound adjectives by dragging words together into pairs to make the correct compound adjectives.

Answer key:


This is one of the first in a forthcoming series of new Interactive ESL Worksheets, which you can simply send to students to complete and send back to you for assessment. Alternatively, you can even import the PowerPoint document into Google Slides. Then, simply share the link with a student, or pair of students, who then work collaboratively on completing the task. In this way, students will be able to work on the task from home, without Microsoft PowerPoint (or its free equivalent, LibreOffice Impress) and even from a mobile device. Assigning tasks in this way and integrating them with a remote learning or breakout room session is a great way to keep ELLs learning during COVID-19 lockdown.

We will be creating more Interactive ESL Worksheets and Games soon. We’re just scrambling to rebuild our website and all our teaching resources while everyone’s in lockdown – please bear with us.

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