Compound Adjectives Dominoes

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In this rewarding compound adjectives activity, students play a game of dominoes, combining words to form compound adjectives. They then try to use the compound adjective in a sentence for bonus points. In an interesting twist on the rules, other players can challenge the validity of a compound adjective, but will lose a point if their challenge is invalid.

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Here’s a fun compound adjectives activity, where students play a game of dominoes, combining words to form compound adjectives.


Divide students into groups of three or four, giving each group a set of the printed dominoes. Students shuffle the dominoes, dealing out five each. They leave the remaining dominoes face down, in a stack on the table. Someone takes the top domino from the stack, placing it face up on the table.

The first player places one of their dominoes at either end of the domino on the table, such that the words combine to form a compound adjective. If they can correctly form a compound adjective, they get one point. The player must then try to use this compound adjective in a sentence, to earn a bonus point.

Other players can challenge the player, if they believe the compound adjective to be incorrect.

If the compound adjective is indeed incorrect, the player must take back the domino they placed down and does not score points for it. If the compound adjective is actually correctly, the challenging player loses a point. Students can ask you to adjudicate, when necessary.

It is then the next student’s turn. Players continue to try and place their dominoes at either end of the word chain, forming and then using compound adjectives.

The game is finished when any player has successfully placed down all their dominoes. At this point, the player with the most points wins the game.