Common Verbs Collaborative Crossword

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Here’s a fun common verbs pair activity. Students must collaborate to complete a crossword by guessing the missing verbs in sentence clues which only their partner has. See the full description below for instructions and more details.

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In this collaborative ESL activity, students play a crossword containing common verbs. However, each student has the clues to the others’ missing verbs in the form of sentences.

Divide the students into pairs, giving each corresponding parts of the worksheet. Tell the pairs of students that they both have the same crossword. However, one has the words down missing, while the other is missing the words across. Students must listen to clues given by their partner in order to determine and fill in the missing verbs in their version of the crossword worksheet.

Students take turns in asking their partner for a clue to one of their missing verbs, for example β€œWhat is 3 across?” Their partner reads the sentence clue for that verb from their worksheet, inserting the word β€œblank” where the verb would go.

The student must then try to guess the verb. If they guess correctly, they fill it in on their crossword sheet. Otherwise, their partner can continue to give other clues until the student guesses the verb. When everyone has finished, they check their answers and spelling, providing feedback where necessary.