Common Adjective Anagrams

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This is a great activity for pairs of beginners (levels A1 and A2) to practice creating sentences using common adjectives of size, shape, colour, opinion and age – provided they can unscramble their anagrams first!

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In this fun activity, students must unscramble anagrams to make common adjectives, then create a sentence using each adjective. This classroom activity is ideally suited to pairwork, but you can easily adapt it into a solo or group activity. Students must rearrange the letters of each anagram to make an adjective of size, shape, colour, opinion or age. When complete, go over the answers with the class, clarifying the meaning of each adjective. Award each pair one point for each correct adjective – you could give bonus points to those able to best describe the meaning of each adjective.

Next, get each pair to write down example sentences using each adjective. When everyone has finished, get each pair to join with another pair, reading aloud and then judging each other’s sentences. Award points for each sentence that is deemed suitable and grammatically correct.

Finally, get the students to tally up their points. The pair with the highest score wins. Time permitting, have a feedback session where you go through the sentences together, giving feedback.