Agree, or Strongly Disagree?

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This worksheet gets students practising agreeing and disagreeing, firstly with expressions that show varying levels of agreement, then by completing conversations either by agreeing or disagreeing.

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You can assign this engaging worksheet as a solo task, or even for remote tuition. Students practice agreeing and disagreeing in three separate tasks. First, students must gauge the level of agreement or disagreement in the given expressions by ranking each one.

Students then complete example conversations with the phrases from the first task by β€˜filling the gaps’. Next, students say whether they agree or disagree with a list of statements, by writing their own sentences expressing their level of agreement and briefly why.

Finally, students can pair up to discuss the opinions expressed in the first two tasks. Students should discuss who they agree with in the Task B conversations, citing their reasons. Students then discuss and agree or disagree with the opinions given in Task C.

There may then be time remaining for a feedback session where you discuss the opinions of the students.