Adjective Order Board Game

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In this entertaining adjective order game, students play a board game in which they practice the order of adjectives by describing certain nouns. This game is perfect for small groups of three or four ELLs to play. See the full description below for more details.

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This is a fun game for students of levels A2 and B1 to practice the order of adjectives in an engrossing board game.


Divide students into groups of three or four, giving each group a copy of the game board, a set of the adjective cards, a dice and counters. Students shuffle the adjective cards and hand out six each. They leave the remaining cards face down in a stack where indicated on the game board.

Students take turns to roll the dice, moving their counter around the board. Whichever square the student lands on, they read the noun shown and then put down as many of their adjective cards as they can to describe the object. But they need to make sure the adjectives are in the correct order. The student then reads out the adjectives to describe the object, for example β€œsmall, brown, happy dog”.

The other members of the group must judge the student’s use of adjectives and their order. If they think an adjective is in the wrong place or otherwise inappropriate, they can ask the student to correct or remove that adjective. When the group members agree that the player’s adjectives are appropriate for the noun and in the correct order, the student keeps those adjective cards in a stack next to them. The student must then pick up an equal number of cards from the top of the adjective cards stack on the board.

Special squares

If a student lands on a β€œSWAP CARDS?” square, they are allowed to swap any adjective cards they don’t want by putting them at the bottom of the stack on the board and taking an equal number from the top of the stack.

If a student lands on an β€˜ANY NOUN!’ square, they can pick any noun they wish from the board and describe it in the usual way, with as many of their adjective card as they can. But their counter stays where it is for this turn.

Winning the Game

The game ends when a student reaches the finish, or there are no more adjective cards available. At the end of the game, the student with the most cards in the pile next to them wins.