Adjective Antonym Bingo

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In this adjective opposites game, students play a form of bingo in order to learn and practice matching adjectives to their antonym.

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Here is fun game for practicing adjective opposites, also known as adjective antonyms. The game takes a bingo format, where students must match adjectives to their opposite (antonym) as they are read out. Students can compete individually, or in small groups. The adjective opposites in the game are aimed at students of beginner to pre-intermediate level (A1 to A2).


Make enough copies of the Bingo Cards page to give each student a bingo card. Shuffle the Caller’s Cards and read each aloud to the class. If a student has the antonym of the given adjective on their card, they mark it with tick. When a student has ticked all their adjectives, they shout β€˜Bingo’.

When a student shouts β€˜Bingo’, they must then read out their adjectives, saying both the adjective and its antonym. If all their adjective opposites are correct, the student wins the round.

However, if the student makes a mistake, play continues. You can play several rounds with the students, giving them a different bingo card for each round.

For modification, split the students into small groups. Students then play the game in their groups, where each student takes it in turn to be the bingo caller for a round. Play continues until all the bingo cards have been used.