ESL Posters to Download and Print for the Classroom

Here’s a useful Parts of Speech Poster to print out for your classroom

Here’s an easy way for students to remember the various parts of speech: print out a poster to hang up in the classroom. In order to help students’ learning, this handy poster neatly defines all 9 Parts of Speech:

  • nouns
  • pronouns
  • adjectives
  • prepositions
  • articles
  • conjunctions
  • verbs
  • adverbs
  • interjections

Just click on the poster, print it out and hang it in your classroom or homeschool space. As a result, your students will be reminded of the various Parts of Speech every day – happy teaching!

Please note that we are currently in the process of overhauling our website. So, we will be back with more ESL worksheets and posters in the near future.